Message From the CEO    

Mr. Moges Girma ( CEO )

I might want to impart a few reflections to you to pay tribute to your vivid graduation. In spite of the fact that I am addressing you from my heart, I realize my duties mirror those of our whole College faculty and staff, just as my associate Management council individuals.
Your graduation is a gigantic milestone and an immense accomplishment for you, your family, and your all-encompassing gathering of allies.

Long stretches of devotion, determination, and sacrifice have passed on you to this historic and you ought to be amazingly glad for yourselves and feel sure that your degree is important, essential, and will work well for you in the practical world.

Though the Pandemic Covid19 Coronavirus has enormously disturbed our general public, your last semester of college life, and the joyous celebration we had planned to perceive your numerous accomplishments, we as a whole anticipate celebrating together at least virtually or when it is regarded safe to do as such.

We develop and learn more from misfortunes and difficulties than we do from good times. As of now this infection has instructed or reminded us how really essential human contact is, particularly within an emergency.

The undeniable heroes are our medical laborers who are kindly fighting on the cutting edges each and every day,  taking a  chance with their lives to save ours,  our educators,  who work enthusiastically to guide and backing our students, and our civil servants who continually put themselves at risk to protect us.

Your uncommon graduation year is additionally going to require every one of you to work more enthusiastically and to make sense of your following stages more rapidly than most other graduation classes.

Every one of you graduated from Queens’ College, so taking the simple path was never an aspect of your plan. You pursued a simple battle and as graduates of our inspiring college, every one of you has demonstrated that you have the capacity and granularity to be winners.

Achievement is genuinely straightforward: have an all-around considered arrangement, enroll help from others, don’t think about dismissal literally, gain from your misfortunes, and continually watching out for the ultimate objective. On the off chance that you follow this arrangement, I guarantee you won’t just make progress, yet it will be more genuine and significant than taking a simpler way.

Your intelligence, assertion, skillful, and instruction are ideal to have when things are calm, however, they transform into a massive preferred position when the world is crazed and upside down. It might feel unfair and a disadvantage to be graduating from college in such an agitating period, however, in all actuality you will think back on today and in the long run, understand that graduating in 2013/2020  was one of the significant reasons why you proceeded to appreciate colossal achievement and joy.

Dear all graduates class of 2020 once again Congratulations and Stay Safe!!!