Form Name Form Description File Type Revision Date
1. ABM Plan of Work To be filed with application to Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
2. External/Consultant Appointment External/Consultant Appointment (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
3. Program of Study: External Committee Member Request Submit this form with your Committee Request if you are proposing a committee that includes a member who is not WSU faculty (PDF/DOCX)
5. Information Release Authorization Including certification of completion of degree requirements. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
6. Information Release Authorization Including certification of completion of degree requirements. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
8. Committee Modification Repl/sub/add/delete member. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
9. COMPONENTS OF A TYPICAL STUDENT FILE Graduate College policies and procedures for maintaining continuous enrollment for degree-seeking students. Website 21-Feb-17
11. Departmental Admission Letter Template This template should be used when departments wish to send out a personalized admission letter. Highlighted fields should be entered by the department, prior to sending. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
12. Incomplete Grade Agreement An agreement for instructors and students for submitting an incomplete grade and expectations for completion. Note: if an incomplete grade is not satisfied within one year, the grade will automatically convert to an ‘F’. For example, if you received an Incomplete in fall 2013, you would have until the last day of class fall 2014 to satisfy the incomplete. For details about this policy, visit the registrar’s academic regulations. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
13. Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) Required form for all PhD doctoral candidates. PhD only. EdD does not complete the SED. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
14. Graduate Certificate Plan Data Entry Used for currently enrolled graduate students who want to obtain the certificate. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
15. Schedule Oral Final Submit at least 10 working days prior to proposed date of exam. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
16. Queens’ PGO INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION FORM Queens’ Post Graduate College Lecturers Evaluation Form Filled by Student (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
17. Leave of Absence For graduate students wishing to go on official graduate leave. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
18. Conduct Remote Oral Exam Must be submitted with above request when one or more of the committee will be located remotely. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
19. New Student Orentation Checklist New Post Graduate Student Orentation Checklist (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
20. Parental Leave Request Two page form required when applying for parental leave. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
21. Parental Leave Certification  Must accompany above request. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
22. Schedule Revision Justification  To be completed by the student. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
24. Termination of Graduate Status Termination of Graduate Stats (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
25. Transfer Credit Transfer credit from other institutions and other NCSU programs, including PBS. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17
Processing Oral Exam Request Guideline only. (PDF/DOCX) 21-Feb-17