Facts About the College

  • Queens College is a leading institution with over 20 years of teaching experience.
    The College offers a degree program in Accounting and Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing Management, Business Management,  Computer Science and Sociology and Social Anthropology.
  • Level 1-4 Program – Providing training and training in areas such as Accounting, Marketing, energy management, Secretarial Science and Information Technology.
  •  The college is a preeminent college where many students who are not able to afford to attend classes benefit from free and reduced fees.
  • The College is a well-known institution that engages in various social services. In addition, it is working with various government departments, non-governmental organizations, sub-cities, assistants and various stakeholders to support the implementation of the national development plans.
  • The College is committed to respecting rules and regulations and providing the community with the highest level of affordability for high school.
  • Therefore, the Business Initiative Directions (BID) will be awarded the “New York 2012 Quality Learning Bar” at the Institute for Quality Verification, and the College is committed to the “Commitment to Quality and Excellence” initiative in November 2015 by Platini Category was chosen to be awarded the “London International Quark Tribune” (IQC) Award.
  • In addition to the existing Piazza-Johannes and 4 Kilo-Ginfele campuses we have 8 additional campuses in Addis Ababa City.
  • Since the establishment of the College, it has graduated over 15,395 graduates in degree and diploma program.