Who we are ………….   ?

Queens’ College is one of a pioneer private higher education institution with commendable achievements in teaching-learning, research and outreach activities since 1990 E.C. Queens’ college has been delivering quality education in:

  • Technical and vocational education and training /TVET/ program in the fields of accounting, human resource management, information technology, secretary and office management, Electronics. Marketing, legal service and purchasing
  • Undergraduate program conventional mode in the departments of Accounting and finance, computer science and management.
  • Undergraduate in distance education division in the departments of Accounting and Finance, management, marketing management, logistics and supplies chain management and sociology and social anthropology.

It has also planned to launch post graduate program in the fields of MBA- General and MSC in Accounting and finance as of 2011 E.C In order to realize the vision of the college and to achieve its major objectives of delivering quality education, engaging in problem solving research activities and providing community services, the college has put in place a system that directs each unit of the institution to design an annual plan of activates. This plan of action has been produced by focusing on the basic objectives desired to be achieved at the end of 2010 E.C academic year.